Our Aims and Objectives

  • To provide a stable, secure and affectionate environment for the children, organising a stimulating atmosphere using play and various other activities working in line with the early years foundation stage.
  • To organise and carry out consistent routines to assist the child in acquiring confidence, independence, self-help skills discipline and to have consideration and for others.
  • To plan and implement play and language by sounds, conversation, stories, rhythms and songs.
  • To assist the child in their awareness of good personal hygiene.
  • To show the children how to value and treat toys and equipment with respect.
  • To be aware of dietary requirements linked to race, religion, physical conditions and parental choice.
  • To have and show a good knowledge of ethnic backgrounds and carry out anti-racial and anti-sexist methods of work with children and have full regards for Equal Opportunities Policy.
  • To identify any special educational needs and to monitor and record these, liaising with parents/carers and outside specialists if needed.
  • To monitor and record each child’s development working with a team approach and to discuss each child’s development at regular intervals.
  • To have these records available to parent/carers at any time and a senior member of staff to discuss their content with the parent/carer.


Each child has a key person and is a member of a family group. The child and parent/carer then have one particular person that they can relate to where possible, and this provides a stable and consistent relationship for the child. In this way a high standard of individual quality care is achieved.