Menus and Meal Times

At Honeybear we pride ourselves on the healthy and homemade menus we offer. We are dedicated to providing fresh, well balanced meals that not only look and taste great but provide lots of nourishment.


We believe a healthy start with the right diet is vital to a child’s well-being and long term health. Our snack and meal times are a social experience where independence and new skills are developed. Children sit together in their family groups with their key worker. Our team promotes healthy eating and has positive influences not only on nutrition but also in developing the attitudes children have towards food and healthy eating. Older children are encouraged to help set the table in preparation for lunch and serve themselves when possible. All children are encouraged to make choices and try new foods.


Each nursery has a qualified cook on site that uses fresh ingredients to create homemade meals all of which are carefully planned to meet each child’s individual needs and special dietary requirements.


We have a six weekly menu which rotates every week. Examples of meals served in nursery include:

1. Breakfast – from 7:30am – 8:30am

A variety of whole grain cereals, toast with a choice of healthy spreads or fresh fruit.

2. Snack – form mid-morning (10:00am) – mid-afternoon (2:30pm)

A choice of fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, dried fruit or breadsticks.

3. Lunch – served at 11:30am

Deep filled shepherd’s pie, roast chicken with oven roasted parsnips, mashed potato and gravy, cous-cous with Mediterranean vegetables.

4. Tea – served at 3:30pm

Sandwiches with a choice of fillings, cracker bread with cheese spread, soup with a bread roll.


Lunch and tea are followed by a light pudding, for example, fresh fruit salad, yoghurt or homemade rice pudding.


Vegetarian options are available daily; milk and water is available freely throughout the day.


We monitor our menu by taking the children and parents comments and suggestions into account.


We really take pride in our commitment to homemade meals prepared in our nursery kitchens by our experienced and dedicated cooks; please, check our homemade meal pictures at our Twitter account.

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