Our Key Worker System

At Honeybear we recognise that parent/carers are by far the most important people in the lives of their children. We see that it is of vital importance that there is an identified member of staff, that both the child and parent/carer can develop a close professional relationship with; this allows for warm attachments to develop and gain continuity, security and significance to their present lives.


The role of the key worker is to develop with both the child and parent/carers a trusting, caring and sensitive relationship. During the gradual admission process we will introduce the parent/carer to their child’s key worker. They will go through the enrolment forms and have an in-depth chat to build the relationship and gain a sound understanding of the child and family background. The child can then be passed over to their key worker in the mornings and in their absence, the key worker’s assistant with whom they will also build a relationship.


The key worker takes on many important functions such as easing separation from parent/carer, meeting the individual needs of the child (i.e. one-to-one interaction during changing, feeding and comforting), relating information to parents, assessment and record keeping and liaising with outside agencies.