Behaviour Management

Our member of staff appointed to monitor and give special assistance in the area of behaviour management is the Nursery Manager


Our behaviour, sanctions and discipline policy is as follows:


Children need to have set boundaries of behaviour for their own safety and the safety of their peers. We aim to set these boundaries in ways that help children to develop a sense of the significance of their own behaviour, both on their own environment and those around them. Restrictions on the Childs natural desire to explore and develop their own ideas and concepts are kept to minimum. Praise and encouragement are a significant part of motivating good behaviour. We wholeheartedly support The Children Act guidelines on behaviour must take account of the age and stage of the development of the child, be given at the time, be relevant to the action or actions and be fair.


Corporal punishment (slapping, smacking or shaking) and emotional chastisement (humiliation of children ) never have been and never will be, acceptable practices at HoneyBear Nursery. They will not be used at any time; it may however prove necessary in an emergency to take physical action of a restraining nature to prevent personal injury or serious injury or serious damage to property.


Time out, re-direction of attention span, giving alternative choices and other such similar accepted techniques are our chosen ways of handling children who are using unacceptable behaviour.


A record of all significant incidents where any member of staff has to use physical intervention is recorded and a signed copy is given to the parent/carer. It is nursery policy to involve the parent or carer so as to ensure that there is where ever possible consistency of action both at Honeybear and at home.


This sets out the principles by which we reward good behaviour, control and discipline poor behaviour when caring for children at Honeybear nursery.


In the case where incidents of bullying are noticed at the nursery, meetings with parents/carers of all children will be arranged. We would lease with the parents/carers in order to try and resolve the situation and to find any possible reasons or patterns as to why it has arisen. We would record and monitor the behaviour of the children concerned and they would be given closer supervision, we will also work in line with the nursery’s accepted techniques in handling unacceptable behaviour.