Designated Areas

The baby rooms

The baby room is a safe and secure area allowing room for babies over six months of age. The baby room is a carpeted area with soft furnishings and age appropriate activities. The baby room has its own display boards for babies artwork and photographs, it also has its curriculum and play plan, following the Early years foundation stage. The babies sit in their low chairs for meal and snack time and also to take part in activities such as painting. At sleep time, the babies sleep in cots that numbered and have the same sheet and blanket that is also numbered.



The teenie rooms

The teenie room is the follow on room from the baby room, it is for babies who are mobile, they generally move up into the teenie rooms between 12 and 13 months and again the activities are age appropriate. The teenie room caters for 9 children and at lunchtime they sit around a table with their key worker in captain‘s chairs for lunch. The teenie room then turns into a sleep area and follows the Early years Foundation stage.



The toddler rooms

The toddler room is a follow on room from the teenie room, this room is for children aged 18 months and 3 years and acts as a base room as these children often visit the pre-school room. In the toddler room there is a variety of age appropriate activities, book corner, home corner and messy play area, the toys are at the children‘s height so that they have free choice and the draws are clearly labelled so that they are easily recognised for the children. At lunchtime the toddler room children sit around a table with their key worker and the toddler room is used for sleep times after lunch. This room follows the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines.




The children range from 3 to 5 years, there is a variety of activities, these cover the Early Years Foundation Stage and vary from jigsaw, construction, small world, cognitive and heuristic play. The children are encouraged to visit a variety of activities but this area does focus on free choice play. After tidy up times, the tables that have been used for activities are cleaned down and the children sit around them with their family group and key worker for lunch times. In the afternoon children again have free choice ply, sand and water play is also a daily part of activities. There are a variety of display boards for children‘s work.