Special Needs

Our aim is to have regard to the Department of Education code of practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs (SEN) and to provide a welcoming environment and appropriate learning opportunities for all children.


All children are admitted to the nursery after consultation between the parent/carers and all key people within the nursery. We aim to develop partnership with parents, and we will always consult them if we feel their child is having difficulties at nursery.


The method of assessing any special educational needs of a child commences when they first attend nursery, this will lead to the early development of a appropriate educational programme that meets the individual needs of the child. This will be achieved by following the stages of assessment s stated in the code of practice. Staff at the nursery will closely liaise with the nursery SENCo to set appropriate targets and learning plans with children who have special educational needs.


The SENCo is responsible for:

  1. Gathering relevant information, including as appropriate information form parents/carers and other sources.
  2. Ensuring that an individual educational plan is drawn up.
  3. Sharing information with parents/carers
  4. Monitoring and reviewing the child’s progress
  5. Informing the chair person or owner of the pre-school provision
  6. Ensuring the objectives of the SEN policy is in daily practice
  7. Monitoring the SEN policy and setting dates for regular evaluation and review.


Partnership with parents


We feel it is of the highest importance to have a close relationship with our parents and we encourage participation through our ‘open access’ policy. We will keep parents informed of their child’s development and if we have concerns we will contact the parent/carer at the earliest point to discuss these concerns with them.  We will offer support and advice whenever needed. If a special need is identified we find that exchanging information about how the child responds at home, what they enjoy playing with and doing, can help us to offer them a broad and well-balanced education in all areas of their individual development. Whenever possible, we aim to take the views of the child into account.


Early identification and assessment of children with special needs


Our nursery aims to have regard for the code of practice on the identification and assessment of special educational needs, after observing a child and reaching a decision that there is a concern the SENCo will then discuss these with the parents. We aim to identify any special educational needs at the earliest point so we can immediately begin gathering and sharing information with the parents and ensuring that an individual education plan is put together and all the needs of the children re met.


Early years action


Early years action is characterised by the gathering of information and increased differentiation with in the children’s normal group work. At this stage, we will work with parents/carers and we will address and monitor the concern and discuss when we all review the progress. The SENCo will support the key worker in developing an IEP working on identified specific needs, which we will review regularly. Parents will be kept informed at review and monitoring meetings. At these meetings, we will assess the child’s progress and new targets will be discussed with the parents.


Early years action plus


Early years action plus is characterised by the involvement of specialists from outside the group. At this stage the SENCo continues to take a leading role, again working closely with the parents/carer and key worker. They:


  1. Keep the chairperson/owner informed
  2. Draw on the advice from outside specialists, for example educational psychologists and advisory teachers
  3. Ensure that the child and his/her parents/carers are consulted
  4. Monitor and review the child’s progress with the outside specialists.


Each member of staff is aware of the Department of Education’s code of practice giving guidance on roles and responsibilities for caring for children with special educational needs. Opportunities are given for staff to increased their knowledge and skills by the use of training courses and information. The SENCo will keep up to date with new development by attending courses and passing on relevant information to the staff.




If any parent/carer should have cause for complaint about a special educational needs issue they should in the first instance take it up with the child’s Key worker who will try and resolve the issue and will also inform the SENCo and nursery manager.


The complaint will be recorded in the complaints record file. The matter will be fully investigated and details of the investigation and whether the complaint was then satisfied will be fully recorded. A copy of that record will be provided to the complainant.


If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant then they have the right to raise the matter with OFSTED who can be contacted in the following ways:

By mail at:

Ofsted Early Years

3rd Floor North

Royal Exchange Buildings

St. Ann's Square


M2 7LA


By phone on: 0300 123 1231.