British Science Week – 10-19 March 2023

British Science Week this year takes place between 10th and 19th March.  The theme this year is “Connections” and we will be undertaking activities throughout the week which encourage the children to think about this theme, including encouraging the children to be Nature Detectives.

We have some amazing nature in the UK and some of it is right on our doorstep!  We will be encouraging children to connect with local nature and become nature detectives: exploring their surroundings, identifying different wildlife and using reasoning skills to determine what wildlife needs to survive.

Things we will discuss include:

What different parts of nature can you explore with your senses?
What do you think ‘wildlife’ means?
What do plants need to make a good home?
What do different animals need to make a good home?
What would happen to these animals if their homes were disturbed by people?

You may like to join in at home – by either creating an Apple Bird Feeder or creating a Bug Hotel!  Let us know how you get on!