Parent Information

We understand that it is a big-deal leaving your little-one.   Here we provide some information about how Gatley pre-school and Whalley Range pre-school work with you, and how we protect your little-one.

Our Ethos

Honeybear Nursery and Pre-School provides an excellent foundation on which every child can build their future education within a caring, secure and stimulating environment where they feel valued and happy.

We are an inclusive nursery where each child is given equal opportunity to discover and develop through high quality play-based learning. We believe it is our responsibility to nurture each child’s individual growth and development and pave the way for their future success at school and beyond.

We offer a unique blend of early years care and education, based on over 30 years of expertise and experience.  Childcare isn’t just what we do – it’s who we are.

Read more about our values and intent here.


We recognise that parent/carers are by far the most important people in the lives of their children. We see that it is of vital importance that there is an identified member of staff, a key-worker, that both the child and parent/carer can develop a close professional relationship with; this allows for warm attachments to develop and gain continuity, security and significance to their present lives.

The role of the key-worker is to develop with both the child and parent/carers a trusting, caring and sensitive relationship. During the gradual admission process we will introduce the parent/carer to their child’s key worker. They will go through the enrolment forms and have an in-depth chat to build the relationship and gain a sound understanding of the child and family background. The child can then be passed over to their key worker in the mornings and in their absence, the key-worker’s assistant with whom they will also build a relationship.

The key-worker takes on many important functions such as easing separation from parent/carer, meeting the individual needs of the child (i.e. one-to-one interaction during changing, feeding and comforting), assessment and record keeping, relaying information to parents via our secure app, ParentZone, informal chats at the end of the day and our regular Parents’ Evenings, and liaising with outside agencies.


We understand that all a parent wants is for their child to be safe and happy. For your peace of mind each of our sites has secure access which means there are no unauthorised visitors. A member of staff will greet parents at the front door before the child goes into their base room. For access into our nurseries all visitors and contractors must provide identification. We then require them to sign our ‘visitors’ book’ which is monitored regularly.

We have a strict admissions policy so only authorised people named by the parent will be allowed access into the nursery and pre-school.

All of our nurseries and pre-schools have a health and safety consultant who ensures that our environment meets all current legislation. They work closely with the Managers and staff team to ensure all policies and procedures are implemented and any issues dealt with appropriately.

Our recruitment process is robust, ensuring our staff have the right skills, experience and outlook to adhere to our high standards, and provide a caring and supportive environment for our children.  As part of the recruitment process all staff undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check.

Our Policies and Procedures

When you first become part of our family, you will receive a range of information setting out our policies and procedures.  If something is unclear, please let us know.

Our Fees

Please contact us to find out about our fees.  We also provide a discount of 10% for children enrolled for five days per week, where: there is a sibling already enrolled with us, or a parent works in the emergency services, the NHS, or as a teacher.