A Day in Pre-School

Our day in the Pre-School, whether Gatley pre-school or Whalley Range pre-school, is structured, providing the children with the security that comes with the routine, whilst providing them with varied, interesting and stimulating activities, so that they learn and develop through play.

  • 7.30 Breakfast
  • 8.30 Group activities, including Wake up-Shake up
  • 9.30 Circle Time – singing and talking about our feelings
  • 10.00 Open snack – snacks are available all day; but we encourage the children to have a snack at this time
  • 10.30 Time to Play
  • 11.30 Tidy up and lunch
  • 12.00 Phonics Time
  • 12.15 Mindful meditation followed by Quiet/Sleep Time
  • 2.00 Open snack – snacks are available all day; but we encourage the children to have a snack at this time
  • 2.30 Time to play
  • 3.30 Tea
  • 4.00 Group activities, including story and song time
  • 6.30 Home time

We carefully plan each day giving our children opportunities to undertake different activities and have different experiences.

Throughout the day our Early Years Teachers use play to teach the children literacy, numeracy and about the world we live in.   We often invite outside agencies into Pre-School to support our children’s learning.  This includes singing and dancing agencies.

Our Time to Play sessions are led by the children’s interests.  We will set up the right environment for the children, taking their interests into consideration.  The purpose of these activities is to provoke children’s learning and to give them the opportunity to experience new things.  This takes place indoors and outdoors, regardless of the weather, enabling the children to breathe fresh air.  During these sessions we encourage the children to run around our large playground, playing with a variety of equipment to stimulate their play.

We also support the children’s development by taking them outside of Pre-School.  We visit a range of places within our local communities so our children understand the importance of these communities, such as going to the village shops to buy items for the Pre-School, and posting letters.  We visit local parks, allowing the children to play and get close to nature.  We have strong relationships with residential care-homes for the elderly.  The children visit the homes regularly to sing songs, do puzzles and play games such as bingo with the care-home residents.  Both generations gain so much from these visits.

We look to support the mental wellbeing of our children, and spend time meditating and quietly reflecting.  Our approach throughout the day is positivity – all of our team members encourage a ‘can-do’ attitude.