Building & Construction – Theme for November

Every month we focus on a specific theme.  November’s theme is Building & Construction.  We will be undertaking lots of building and construction activities throughout the month – as we do all the time.  So why have a month dedicated to building and construction, if we undertake these activities all the time?  The answer is to provide an opportunity for us to raise with parents the importance of building and construction activities:

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are essential to enable a child to be able to dress themselves, throw a ball and hold a pencil.  Building and construction activities encourage the child to reach out for a block, grip the block and place it somewhere else.

Problem Solving Skills

As a child looks to build a certain shape, they find out what works and what doesn’t.  When they find that something does not work, they will problem solve and innovate until they find a solution with which they are happy.

Academic Skills

Playing with construction toys can also encourage academic skills, such as: Maths – counting, addition, subtraction and basic geometry; Reading & Writing – spatial awareness improves a child’s ability to read and write; and Science – playing with construction toys, encourages a child to explore cause and effect and develops their natural curiousity.


Construction play allows children to create their fantasy world, which in turn helps develop their imaginations.

Focus and Patience

Focus and patience are key attributes, which must be developed to help children succeed with all relationships, and in all settings – at home and at Nursery.  Many children are not naturally focused or patient.  Learning through play encourages children to develop these attributes.  Construction play encourages a child to focus on the project they are building from start to finish and to work carefully and with patience, so they do not knock over their project.

Co-operative Play

Playing with construction toys encourages children to play together.  This social interaction during play encourages the children to be co-operative, work as a team and self-regulate.

Boost Confidence

As children marvel at the results of their construction play, their confidence is boosted and next time they want to build something bigger or more impressive.

All in all, playing with construction toys encourages a large number of skills.  We hope you have fun building your next masterpiece with your child.