Honeybear Nursery Graduations 2021

We are looking forward to our 2021 Graduations for our children who will leave us to start primary school in September 2021.  Whilst we are sad to see the children leave us, we are excited for them at the start of their next adventure.  Our 2021 graduations are as follows:

Whalley Range Graduation – 17th July (Graduation photos are: 6th July)

Gatley Graduation – 24th July (Graduation photos are: 5th July)

Hale Graduation – 31st July (Graduation photos are: 8th July)

Unfortunately this year we are unable to invite parents in to the Nurseries for the Graduations.  However, we will take lots of photos of the Graduations, which we will share with the parents.  Hopefully next year we will be able to return to inviting parents in to the Nurseries for this exciting event, as well as other events.