Honeybear Nursery going for In Safe Hands Award

We are pleased to be putting all three nurseries forward for the ‘In Safe Hands’ Award.

The First Aid Industry Body (FAIB) have been asked by Stakeholders within the First Aid Industry to create an Award for Childcare Settings within the United Kingdom.  The ‘In Safe Hands’ Award is about Quality Assurance and the numbers of Paediatric Trained First Aiders in Childcare Settings (ie, Nurseries, Pre-Schools and Childminding Operatives).

The ‘In Safe Hands’ Award is supported by our Local Member of Parliament William Wragg MP who said “there is a great deal of excellent work being done to promote the provision of first aid within the childcare environments. This award provides an alternative means of giving parents reassurance to know that if their child is taken ill that there are sufficient paediatric first aiders available to deal with the situation and consequently safeguard their children.

“I am keen to encourage all childcare providers in and around my constituency and indeed across the UK to strengthen their First Aid capabilities in this way and celebrate the excellent people and Training Providers working within this Industry.”

The Department for Education said “Genuine award schemes designed to ensure that more people in childcare settings have the Paediatric first aid training they need so that they are able to deal with accidents and injuries for very young children are to be welcomed”.

“The Department of Education welcomes such schemes provided all are aimed at ensuring that staff in childcare settings are well trained and able to respond to emergencies quickly. We hope that the ‘In Safe Hands’ Award scheme is successful in doing that”.

To achieve the ‘In Safe Hands’ Award, nurseries and pre-schools must achieve a minimum of 35% of staff trained in Paediatric First Aid (12 hours) and 35% of staff trained in emergency Paediatric First Aid (6 hours).  We are pleased to substantially exceed this requirement with 100% of our team members being Paediatric First Aid Trained.