Honeybear Nursery Launches our Going Green Pledge

We are making a pledge to reduce our carbon footprint in 2020. Here are just some of the things that we will do to be more sustainable:

Bio-degradable Nappies

We have switched to bio-degradable nappies.  Containing 54% LESS chemicals than standard nappies.  Protecting our little ones from harsh chemicals AND over 77% biodegradable.

No More Wipes

We have switched to using cotton wool. No chemicals, gentle for children and biodegrade in 15 days! (that’s faster than food waste!)

No More Single Use Plastic

We no longer use single use plastic, eg. aprons and gloves; or plastic bags for food shopping; or plastic cups, plates, bottles. We are also switching to biodegradable nappy sacks.

Arts and Crafts

We have switched to biodegradable glitter and home-made glitter using hole punch and leaves. We have switched to brown paper on a roll and ensure that we recycle paper and use wipe-able chalk boards/white boards; taking photos which can be emailed to parents/carers.


We are recycling glass, plastic, tins, cardboard and paper.

Nursery Food

Cutting down on our consumption of meat – red meat and eating more locally sourced food will have a big impact on our carbon footprint. Our menus include seasonal fruit and vegetables; and we will be growing our own fruit, veg and herbs.


With water being such a precious resource, teaching children to use it wisely is vital. Just by leaving out a water tank in the rain for watering plants, we are introducing the concept that water can be reused in a sustainable way. We want our little ones to know how to flush the toilet properly too, so they’re not wasting water by over-flushing.


We use a lot of paper: registers, reports, learning journals, staff rotas, accident forms, communication diaries. We pledge to be more environmentally sensitive in our communication with parents and other key people.  We will be more digitally friendly, looking to introduce a parent app and online learning journals