Ideas for a Day Out at Home

As we can’t go very far at the moment, we have put together a few ideas of days out at home.

Treasure Hunt

Create your own treasure hunt, around the house, or if the weather is up to it, around the garden.  Hide items around the house and garden, and then draw a treasure hunt map so your little ones can find the items.

Then whilst you do a spot of home-working, ask your little one to hide items around the house and garden, and then they can draw the treasure map for you to find the items.

Hours of fun – and it can be made even more fun if you dress up, perhaps as a pirate!  Perhaps take a picnic too.

Messy Time

Children love getting messy with paint.  Encourage them to do so, with messy time!  Allow them to paint their hands and feet and then place their hands and feet on a piece of paper to make some artwork personal to them.  This is a great gift idea too for grandparents.

Visit a Castle

Work with your child to design a Castle – ie. a den made of cushions, duvets and blankets.  Once you’ve made the Castle, cuddle inside the den with a few books.  A lovely afternoon of fun and laughter.

A Spot of Gardening

We enjoy growing plants in the gardens at the Honeybear Nurseries.  Why not plant up some seeds with your children; and then inspect them every day to see how they are growing and if they need watering.

Ten Pin Bowling

This is with a bit of a twist.  Place a number of plastic beakers on the floor, grouped together like the skittles would be in Ten Pin Bowling.  With a lightweight ping pong ball, ask your child to gently toss the ball in the air, to try to land it inside one of the cups.  This encourages coordination.  If you have different coloured cups, you can use this game to solidify the child’s recognition of the colours.  As they manage to get the ball into one of the cups, they take that cup away.  If there are a few children playing, the child with the most cups is the winner.  So this helps with counting too.

Please send us pictures of your Days Out at Home via our Facebook page.