Introducing our Baby Room Team Members

Our team members work hard to develop strong relationships not only with our children, but also with our parents.  To support this we wanted to provide some background information to our Baby Room Team members.  So here we introduce you to Jayana from our Whalley Range Baby Room and Abbie from our Gatley Baby and Teenie Rooms.


Jayana has a BTech Level 3 National Diploma in Early Years and has 18 years’ experience.  Jayana explained that she is the eldest of six children, with 14 years between her and the youngest.  She loved helping care for her younger sisters and from an early age decided that she wanted to work in childcare.  Whilst she was at college her siblings were pre-school age, and so she was able to relate what she was learning to her siblings.  During this time she also spent her spare time helping out with local Rainbow groups.

Jayana has primarily worked in baby rooms.  She explained “I enjoy all the care routines and love to see how much babies learn and develop during their first year of life.  I pride myself on looking after every baby as if they were my own, allowing parents to feel comfortable leaving their baby for the first time.  My years of experience has not taken away the feeling of responsibility and care when meeting a family for the first time.  It has however allowed me to grow and learn allowing me to continue to provide a safe learning environment for all.”

Abbie has a Level 3 in childcare learning and development and has six years’ experience. Abbie wanted to work in a Nursery as she wanted to help children reach their full potential in all areas of learning.  Abbie told us “the most enjoyable part of my day is caring for the little ones, seeing their little smiles as they learn and develop new skills.  I like to be part of the reason they have a good day and feel well loved and cared for.”