Making an Easter Bonnet

A great tradition is making an Easter Bonnet, and the children love our Easter Bonnet Parade which this year will take place on Thursday 1st April 2021.

You may like to decorate an old hat to create an Easter Bonnet.  However, if you don’t have an old hat, you may want to make a Bonnet from scratch.  You will need:

Large piece of yellow card (A2 size)

Coloured felt

Eggs (polystyrene or papier mache)


Shredded tissue paper




2 plates (1 large, 1 small for circle stencils)


1. Use the plates to create the hat stencil. The larger circle makes the brim of your hat, and the smaller one makes the top of your hat.

2. Cut a long strip of paper which is slightly longer than the circumference of the smaller circle. The width of the strip will determine how tall you want your hat to be.  Starting from the outer edges, cut teeth-shaped notches along both of the longer lengths, ie. top and bottom.  These will make tabs to help you stick the strip to your hat brim and top.

3. Bring the two ends of your long strip together and glue them together. Fold in the teeth and glue the bottom teeth to the brim and the top teeth to the top circle of your hat.

4. And now decorate your hat!