National Share a Story Month – May 2022

National-Share-A-Story-Month is an annual celebration of the power and magic of storytelling. Organised by the Federation of Children’s Book Groups, it is a wonderful opportunity for families to share stories and books and to read and write together.

Research shows that spending just 10 minutes a day reading and sharing stories with children can make a crucial difference to their future – plus it’s a lovely thing to do!

In preparation for National Share a Story Month, we asked our team members which were their  favourite books to share with the children.

Jayana from Whalley Range loves ’The paper dolls’ – she commented that “it’s a book that was much loved when I worked in toddlers and I read almost daily at home with my niece. I love that it shows an activity between a mother and daughter that is extended throughout the book and then the tradition is followed by the next generation. I also like that once the boy snips the dolls the story shows the importance of an experience and not just the physical object by it living on in her memory.”

Jayana also enjoys ‘The invisible string’, which she read with her nieces and nephews to help with their grief, but it is also a beautiful story of belonging. Jayana believes it is a great book to help with transitions to school, a new home, people moving away, new family members, illness or death.

Jayana also enjoys ‘Around the world with Max and Lemon’ which is a story of a little girl who travels the world to see if she is truly unique. She discovers that she is unique but shares interests with other children.

Clare from Whalley Range commented “I have so many favourite books that we share with the children, but our pre-school children love it when I bring in my stories from home.  Every week they ask if I have brought in my books and they get very excited.  Their current favourite is ‘Frog Odyssey‘ where a family of frogs is having to leave their pond as houses are being built on it.  They go on a big adventure to find a new home.