The Environment and the Community – Theme for September

Every month we set a theme for the Nurseries; and September’s theme is the Environment and the Community.

The environment and specifically climate change is a key global concern.  Responsibility lies with all of us – individuals, local communities, national governments, and world leaders.

As part of our Environment and the Community theme for the month, we will explore with the children how we can each reduce our impact on the environment, including:

At home:

  • Completely turn off equipment like televisions when we’re not using them.
  • Save water: like turning off the tap when we are brushing our teeth. Try to collect the water used to wash vegetables and salad to water our houseplants.
  • Lower our shades or close our curtains on hot days, to keep the house cool and reduce the use of electric fans or air-conditioning.
  • Let clothes dry naturally.
  • Keep lids on pans when cooking to conserve energy.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.
  • Reuse and recycle where we can

In the garden:

  • Collect rainwater to water our gardens.
  • Water the garden early in the morning or late in the evening.
  • Make our gardens lively – plant trees and shrubs that will attract birds.
  • Put waste to work in our gardens – sweep the fallen leaves and flowers into flowerbeds or under shrubs to increase soil fertility.
  • Make a compost pit to turn organic waste from the kitchen and garden to soil enriching manure.
  • Plant local species of trees, flowers and vegetables.