The Queen’s Birthday – 21st April

This year the Queen will celebrate her 95th birthday on 21st April 2021.  To mark the day our Nurseries will hold Tea Parties.

The Queen has two birthdays.  Her real birthday is on 21st April; whilst her official birthday takes place on the second Saturday of June.  The tradition of having two birthdays dates back to 1748, and is an attempt to make sure that the weather is better for outdoor celebrations!

The idea of an official birthday was started by King George II in 1748.  The King’s actual birthday was in November.  The King was keen for big public celebrations of his birthday, but as the weather is rather cold in November, he decided to combine his birthday celebrations with an annual military parade in the summer.  And so the monarch’s official birthday was born.

The Queen usually spends her actual birthday with her family.  There is usually a 41-gun salute in Hyde Park, a 21-gun salute in Windsor Great Park and a 62-gun salute at the Tower of London.  These salutes did not take place in 2020, the first time in the Queen’s reign, as the Queen decided it would not be appropriate due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Trooping the Colour Parade marks the Queen’s official birthday. Over 1400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians take part in the event, so it’s quite a spectacle!  Members of the public fill the Mall outside Buckingham Palace to watch the Parade, whilst waving flags and wearing Union Jacks.